Men in Sheds

Our members in the MiS make an amazing range of wooden items including bug and bat boxes, and carriers for beer. And recently we've also started making resin items. Come and get involved in working with wood and resin while making new friends. 

PS You don't have to be a man to join!

Bug hotels
beer box

Men in sheds is an idea that originated in Australia and is known to provide mental health benefits for older men and women who often feel isolated and lonely. Our shed provides a meeting place, with tools and resources for our members to work on projects at their own pace and in a friendly and inclusive venue. Our shed is also a place of skill-sharing and informal learning, of individual pursuits and community projects, of purpose, achievement and social interaction. 

We make a big selection of products, and new ideas are always popping up.  You can see the wide range of items that we make.  Also we make items commissioned by customers, or mend items that need a bit of TLC.

Men in sheds 2

Here are just some of the things we make using wood ...




sorage box

Storage boxes



We also make resin items ...


Keyrings and jewellery

Phone stands

And we carry out commissions. Here are some examples ...

Fairground game

The Men in Sheds were commissioned to make two fairground games for a gentleman who wants to raise money for the RNLI and Ukraine  at local events. 


fairground game



Another recent commission is this cosy Hedgehog Box.

So why not challenge us to make something bespoke for you.







Hedgehog box