What we do

The Woodhouse Craft Centre provides a cheerful busy environment where you can come and use the craft experience you already have or you can learn new skills. We offer a large range of crafts and are always open to new ideas, plus we have a 'Men in sheds' where both men and women use woodworking skills.

Why not drop in and see what we are doing?

The Centre is in Oxted (behind Morrisons) and is open  Mondays-Thursdays, 09.30–12.30.

You can learn something new

Sue donated some chairs for our upholstery department to mend and sell, but then she decided to find out how to fix them herself. So, Graham is now teaching her how to repair one of her chairs using paper rush. Hopefully this is the start of her mending many more chairs for us!

mending a chair
wool carding

Amy and Kate learned carding.

More about what we do and make ...

We are also a repair shop where you can have a chair caned or upholstered, and various items made from scratch or mended.  We have skills in woodwork, caning, upholstery, sewing, knitting, crochet and many more. Give us a ring or pop in to see if we can fix your problem.